A :
YLWC is new website exclusively designed to help improve your life and experience with Canon's exceptional range of products and services.

Members enjoy a whole new world of privileges and rewards including eWarranty services, opportunities to join photography contests and gain unlimited access to insider tips and ideas, invitations to privately organised events and much more!

Q2 : I want to become a member and enjoy all the privileges at YLWC. What should I do?
A :
Registration for membership is open to all Canon product users! You automatically become a member upon the successful registration of your Canon product's eWarranty.
Step 1. Purchase a Canon product from an authorised dealer, including Canon Image Square shop
Step 2. Complete the simple online eWarranty registration form.

Q3 : How much is the YLWC membership fee?
A :
Membership is FREE and exclusively for Canon product users and enthusiasts! You automatically receive an extended warranty period upon the successful registration of your genuine Canon product, from DSLR cameras to printers, projectors and camcorders, and all range of consumable products which you could find in Canon Marketing Malaysia website’s product list .

Q4 : I bought a new Canon product. How do I register my new and/or future Canon product purchase(s) for an eWarranty?
A :
Simply follow the 3 easy steps below:
Step 1. Log into your YLWC member's account
Step 2. Click the "My Product Warranty" tab
Step 3. Complete a few steps to register your new Canon product for its eWarranty.

Q5 : I want to change my password. What should I do?
A :
It's easy to change your password and keep your account safe:
Step 1. Log into your YLWC member's account
Step 2. Click the "Change Password" tab
Step 3. Follow the simple instructions given.

Q6 : I forgot my password and/ or login username! What should I do?
A :
Don't worry. We are here to make your life with Canon better than ever!
Click the "Forgot Password" and follow the steps to retrieve your password;
Please note: All members are required to have a valid email address to enjoy the maximum advantages of our services.

Q7 : I applied for membership but I've not received a notification email. What should I do??
A :
Please check if you have entered a valid email address during registration and try again.
Q8 : What happens to the personal data I submitted?
A :
You may rest assured that our best efforts have been made to keep your personal information highly confidential and secure. All contact information provided will solely be used by Canon Marketing Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. for promotional purposes only.

Q9 : I can't find the answer I want here. What should I do?
A :
Please contact us. We will do our best to respond to your queries as soon as possible.
For more information or to learn more about the Terms and Conditions of YLWC, please click here.